The Crown Estate grants rights to assess potential tidal turbine array at Bardsey Sound in Wales

The Crown Estate has granted rights to Edinburgh-based Nova Innovation Ltd. (Nova) to deploy a 2 MW tidal turbine array at Bardsey Sound, off the Llyn Peninsula in Cyngor, Gwynedd, Wales, according to The Crown Estate in an announcement on July 16.

The rights being granted at this stage are for an agreement for lease (AfL) only, in order for Nova to carry out an assessment of the site and commence consenting activities, according to the announcement. 

The cost of the project is not immediately available, but according to The Crown Estate’s earlier estimates, overall the MHK market is projected to be worth a possible US$6.85 billion in exports alone by 2050.

The construction and deployment of the proposed array will be subject to statutory consenting regime. Additionally, for the project, Nova must submit an application for development consent to the regulating body, Natural Resources Wales.

A lease for development rights will not be awarded until all of the necessary permissions are secured, which include further feasibility work, environmental and community assessments, and stakeholder consultation.

In 2016, The Crown Estate invited parties interested in developing a tidal array at Bardsey Sound – locally known as Ynys Enlli – to apply for an AfL.

YnNi Llyn is the local Llyn Peninsula community group working to bring tidal energy to Bardsey Sound. After The Crown Estate made the announcement, YnNi Llyn said it agreed to work with Nova to secure an AfL and further the endeavor.

According to Nova, it signed a memorandum of understanding with YnNi Llyn that includes YnNi Llyn supporting Nova with the development of the tidal project and in turn, Nova supporting YnNi Llyn with the development of infrastructure that will enable local use of energy.


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