Deadline to Acquire BeamReach Solar Intellectual Property Extended

A new deadline has been set for the sale of BeamReach Solar Intellectual Property.   The diligence period will now remain open until 5PM Eastern Time on September 15, 2017.  All offers should be submitted no later than this deadline.  Opus Bank, the former secured lender to BeamReach Solar, will evaluate offers as they are received.

The portfolio of Intellectual Property and know-how is attracting interest from companies with application for thin film flexible PV cells, such as automobile and roof shingle and tile companies, as well as commercial and utility scale installers interested in lightweight and rapid deployment racking systems.  Beyond solar, drug delivery companies have expressed interest in BeamReach’s porous silicon technology.

Parties interested in learning more about these BeamReach Solar intellectual property assets, the sale process, and other bidding requirements should contact the parties below.  A virtual diligence room is available for all interested parties.

The team continues to make significant progress selling the tangible portions of the BeamReach Solar inventory of equipment and assembled Sprint Solar Panels for direct installation on roofs.




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