Free online electrical measurement safety course

Making a mistake while working on a high-energy electrical system can deliver a deadly blow to anyone who fails to take the right safety precautions. That’s why, at Fluke Corporation, your safety is our top priority. This free, self-paced, online course describes the electrical dangers you may face in the workplace, the safety standards to protect you and the best practices involved with test tool safety.

In this 4-hour online course you will learn:

  • Why and how shock, electrocution, arc flash and arc blast present risks
  • Safe work practices and correct personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Test tool standards and ratings
  • Inspecting and testing your test equipment
  • Best practices for a safer environment
  • Practical tools and tips to extend your safety
  • Implementing a test tool training program

Who should take this course:
Anyone who uses electrical test tools in a commercial or industrial environment.

Prerequisites none

Windpower Engineering & Development


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