First Hywind Turbine Mounted on Its Floating Foundation

First Hywind Turbine Mounted on Its Floating Foundation

Image: Aibel (16 June 2017)

The first of the total 5 turbines for the Hywind Scotland project has been lifted onto its floating foundation in Stord, Norway, and is ready for the deployment off the Scottish coast. 

Statoil started assembling the Siemens 6MW turbines for the 30MW Hywind Scotland floating wind farm at the assembly base in Stord at the beginning of May.

Over the last several days, the first three turbines have been undergoing installation on the floating substructures off the quay at the facility on Stord, according to Aibel, which has been playing an active role in the project since 2014.

The final two turbines are scheduled to be hoisted out in July, Aibel said. Then, they will lie moored in the fjord off Leirvik on Stord and undergo some final tests before being towed one by one to the field off the coast of Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

The floating wind turbines will have a total height of 258 meters, with 178 metres of the structures floating above water, and the remaining 80 metres submerged underwater.

The EUR 200 million project is scheduled for commissioning this year.

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