New Energy Outlook 2017 | Bloomberg New Energy Finance | Bloomberg Finance LP

NEO is our annual long-term economic forecast of the world’s power sector.


Focused on the electricity system, NEO combines the expertise of over 80 market and technology specialists in 12 countries to provide a unique view of how the market will evolve.

What sets NEO apart is that our assessment is focused on the parts of the system that are driving rapid change in markets, grid systems and business models. This includes the cost of wind and solar technology, battery storage, electricity demand and the uptake of EVs among others. Get the report.

“Renewable energy sources are set to represent almost three quarters of the $10.2 trillion the world will invest in new power generating technology until 2040, thanks to rapidly falling costs for solar and wind power, and a growing role for batteries, including electric vehicle batteries, in balancing supply and demand.”

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High-level findings of NEO 2017 are available in a free executive summary


Solar power will kill coal sooner than you think


Press release
Global wind and solar costs to fall even faster, while coal fades even in China and India



Note: Levelized cost of electricity covers all lifetime expenses of generation from a new plant. These costs include site development, permitting, equipment and civil works, finance, operations and maintenance and feedstock (if any).

Get the executive summary

BNEF clients can access the full report, its breakdown by technology and region, as well as the underlying Excel data and previous editions. Go to client page.

High-level findings of New Energy Outlook 2017 are available in a free executive summary. Complete this form to receive it today:


In close collaboration with:

Logan Goldie-Scot, Sophie Lu, Andreas Gandolfo, Natalie Keating, Shantanu Jaiswal, Nick Steckler, Hugh Bromley, Ali Izadi, Leonard Quong, Abishek Rohatgi, Luiza Demoro, Salim Morsy, Ali Asghar, Martin Tengler, Tom Rowlands-Rees, Colin McKerracher, Amy Grace, Will Nelson, Colleen Regan, Rachel Jiang, Ana Verena Lima, Helena Cheung, Chris Gadomski, Ashish Sethia, Nannan Kou, David Hostert, Justin Wu, James Sprinz, Jahn Olsen, Diego Marquina, Nikolas Soulopoulos, and many other analysts from BNEF’s 16 offices around the world.


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