China’s Envision Energy to set up operations in India

Beijing, June 8:  

Envision Energy, the second largest wind turbine manufacturer in China, intends to bring its products to India, the company’s Founder and Managing Director, Lei Zhang, said on Thursday.

“We will set up manufacturing facilities for sure,” Zhang told BusinessLine here, on the sidelines of the 8th Clean Energy Ministerial, a policy-cum-technical conference of clean energy ministers of 25 countries including India. Zhang was a speaker at the event.

Envision has been waiting for approvals from the Indian authorities to begin selling its turbines in India for a year now. Asked about this, Zhang said that the company was to be in India for the long term.

“Because we are making a long-term commitment, we are patient,” he said. Envision Wind Power Technologies India Pvt Ltd has been in existence since July 2016. In the meantime, all preparations are happening gradually, he said. Envision has a somewhat different model than other wind turbine manufacturers — it designs its machines and gets the components manufactured by other companies. Zhang said Envision would come to India “along with our OEM partners”.

“For us, India is as big a market as China,” he said.

Envision has 2 MW, 3 MW and 4 MW turbines in its portfolio, but Zhang did not answer a question about which machine would be introduced, saying instead that his India team would know better.

Envision is the third Chinese company attempting to enter the growing wind energy market in India. Earlier, Sinovel and Ming Yang tried unsuccessfully to get their foot in, but neither company went as far as Envision.

(The writer is in Beijing at the invitation of Global Strategic Communications Council, a Washington DC-based advocacy group.)

(This article was published on June 8, 2017)

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