Research Assistant in Reliability of Power Electronics in Photovoltaic Systems

At the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Department of Energy Technology, a position as Research Assistant in Reliability of Power Electronics in Photovoltaic Systems is open for appointment from 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2018, or soon hereafter. The Department of Energy Technology is an expanding department covering most fields of Energy Technology ranging from electrical energy (e.g., Power Systems, Power Electronics, and Electrical Machines) to thermal energy including Energy Systems and Fluid Mechanics and Combustion but also mechatronic systems. The department has about 250 employees – out of them are more than 100 Ph.D. students. The laboratory-facilities are world-class and the research carried out are most often in collaboration with industry. The position is offered in relation to the research program “Reliable and Efficient Power Electronics, Photovoltaic Systems” and the research assistant will be positioned to the Section of Power Electronic Systems.

Job description
Research areas will be related to the control in power electronics for grid-connected PV systems with the aim to enhancing the control flexibility and also improving reliability of PV systems. The candidate is expected to develop flexible control strategies to minimize the adverse impacts of solar PV power fluctuations, thereby allowing integrating more PV systems. Further, the reliability assessment of PV systems with the developed control strategies is expected in order to develop strategies to improve the reliability and lifetime of the entire PV systems. Experiences in power electronics reliability, power converter design, analysis, and control, and hardware system design are important. The hardware demonstration will be developed based on LabVIEW platform.
The expected outcome of the research are:
• Flexible control strategies for grid-connected PV systems
• Improvement in the reliability of PV systems with extended PV inverter lifetime
Furthermore, the applicant will be a research assistant within the Program entitled “Advanced Power Electronic Technology and Tools (APETT)”.

You may obtain further professional information from Professor Frede Blaabjerg, Department of Energy Technology by phone (+45) 21292454 or by email

Qualification requirements:
The required level of qualifications is at master level.

The application must contain the following:

  • A motivated text wherein the reasons for applying, qualifications in relation to the position, and intentions and visions for the position are stated.
  • A current curriculum vitae
  • Copy of relevant diplomas (Master of Science and, if any, PhD) On request you could be asked for an official English translation.
  • Scientific qualifications. You may attach up to 5 publications.
  • Dissemination qualifications, including participation on committees or boards, participation in organisations and the like.
  • Additional qualifications in relation to the position.
  • References/recommendations
  • Personal data

The applications are only to be submitted online by using the “Apply online” button below.

An assessment committee will assess all candidates.

For further information concerning the application procedure please contact Hanne Skovrider by mail or phone (+45) 9940 9631.

Appointment to Research Assistant may be for a period of up to three years. Reappointment may be made, but a Research Assistant can only be appointed to Research Assistant for a period of maximum three years. Further information regarding guidelines, ministerial circular in force and procedures can be seen here.

Employment is in accordance with the Ministerial Order on the Appointment of Academic Staff at Universities (the Appointment Order) and the Ministry of Finance’s current Job Structure for Academic Staff at Universities. Employment and salary are in accordance with the collective agreement for state-employed academics.

Vacancy number

Deadline / Ansøgningsfrist
12 Jun 2017


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