MyPV AC Elwa-E: hot water with flexible control in smart homes or battery

Smart homes and photovoltaic storage systems are all the rage. Hardly anyone thinks about the fact that typical PV-systems produce far more energy a day than can be consumed in the house. That means that the battery is fully loaded and that excess-power goes to the grid afterwards.

This is exactly the starting-point for the AC Elwa-E from myPV: It communicates with the energy-management system of the building or the battery management system. As far as excess energy is detected respectively the management-system clears the AC Elwa-E, energy is stored in hot-water. In this way we can easily add 10 up to 20 Kilowatt hours of extra storage capacity. In a simple web-interface the installed battery respectively the energy-management-system can be selected. (nhp)

More useful information about energy storage systems:

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