Sasia webinar

Renewable energy is one of the major strategic national sectors to overcome the Kingdom’s energy dependence on fossil fuels. With a plan to generate 50% of the demand for electricity from non-fossil fuels by 2032, Saudi Arabia has declared a long-term commitment to their sustainable energy plans to diversify and cater to the rising domestic consumption with an investment of US$50bn of renewable projects.

The renewable energy industry represents the largest opportunity local Saudi and international renewable energy companies along the whole supply chain, but challenges remain. Chief of all is clarification about the current – and future – localization requirements of the projects.

Hosted by SASIA and SAWIA, this webinar digs deep on the issues surrounding localization of solar and wind projects in Saudi Arabia, to help you design for forward strategy in the country:

·         Study the new renewable tender requirements and fast-forward to the expectations in future rounds to understand how this policy will affect you long term

·         Analyse options to how you can participate in achieving REPDO localization targets now and through successive rounds by fostering innovation-focused, long-term collaboration between local and international firms

·         Learn from a real life solar and wind supply chain localization case study from South Africa, which increased the local content from 39 to 66% in 2 years creating nearly 400K local jobs

Top experts with years of experience on the international and Saudi renewable energy markets will lead this discussion drilling down on the practical issues of making projects a reality in the Kingdom

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