China’s Poverty Alleviation Program as a Stable Driver of Demand

2016 was a peak solar demand year for China, which is expected to continue to lead the global market in installations for the next five years, though the composition of the market will shift significantly in 2017. This research note explores two potential scenarios for Chinese PV demand through 2022, as well as key market drivers and risks, and diversified demand drivers.

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Benjamin Attia

Analyst, Solar

Benjamin Attia is an Analyst with GTM Research’s Global Demand team, providing data analysis and forecasts, market research, and bespoke strategy consulting and advisory to key stakeholders in on-grid and off-grid solar markets in emerging economies in Southeast Asia, India, and Sub-Saharan Africa. He holds a Master of Energy & Environmental Policy and a B.S. in Economics and Energy & Environmental Policy from the University of Delaware.


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