Teamtechnik & research partners develop award winning lead-free PV system

A joint project conducted by the Carinthian Tech Research Center and the Austrian Institute of Technology, in conjunction with German equipment manufacturer teamtechnik has developed a lead-free PV system using glued ribbon technology.

A new system jointly developed by the two Austrian research institutes, alongside teamtechnik, is the first in the world to be entirely lead free, utilizing a glued ribbon process rather than soldering. According to teamtechnik, this could make module manufacturing more sustainable, and modules easier to recycle at the end of their life.

The new design glues cells together using structured ribbons and an electrically conductive adhesive (ECA). Strings for the design were produced on a teamtechnik TT1400ECA stringer, a tool designed especially for production of high performance modules using ECAs.

According to teamtechnik, a pilot project has been set up already at a research site in Villach, Austria, and has proven itself practically feasible.

In early May, the project received an Energy Globe Award for its potential to improve sustainability and resource conservation in solar.


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